Chart Based Trading

Our trading platform is designed to optimize trade executions with minimal delay. In order to help our clients to minimize time lag during order entry, the platform is integrated with dynamic streaming quote, real-time level 2 data and point-and-click features. Our platform also comes with advanced charting tools, lock-and-loaded programmable keys, customizable layout, personalized stock screener & high/low tickers and dependable account management tools.

Online Access

The Street Trader makes sure our clients can monitor and manage their accounts anywhere and anytime with ease. Our free web-based platform, StreetWeb, allows users to stream real time market quotes and complete order entry on the go. Our clients can also find their trading activities records and account statements on our web site so they can see how close they are from their goals. The Street Trader also knows our clients don’t want to let third parties get a hold on to their personal information therefore we take extra care to ensure their sensitive information are fully encrypted and securely stored.


Being part of the active trading communities, we understand your concern. The platform facilitates direct market access order routing options to over 40 different venues. Take advantage of these ECNs and darkpools to formulize the best trading strategy of your own. The smart order routing feature also allows you to disseminate your entry order to 10 different venues at once. The platform will take care of your technological needs so that you can sit back and relax.


The Street Trader is here to help our clients to maximize opportunities in the market; therefore we provide them up to 6 times intra-day leverage on their equity so that they can execute their plan without restriction. The Street Trader is not subjected to Pattern Day Trading Rules so our clients do not have limitation on the amount of trades they can execute based on their account balance.


The Street Trader offers a variety of pricing schemes. No matter if you are new to trading or a long time veteran, we will have a pricing plan that fits your trading styles and strategies. We aim to maintain a reliable service and forge a trustworthy relationship with our clients, but this does not stop us from offering you the most competitive rate in the industry. Our transparent pricing schedules are listed on this website, there are no hidden fees nor any trade minimums. We believe that an open and truthful business relationship is the only one that will last. If you consider yourself as a high-volume trader, please contact us and see if you are qualified for the special rate.


The Street Trader strives on providing the best customer services. Call us anytime from 8am to 5pm EST or open a dialogue through web chat and emails 24×7. Our support team members have the professional knowledge and required passion to help. The Street Trader values each and every customer, we take time to make sure all of your trading needs are being satisfied. We consider everything that concerns our clients. After all, Happy customers are the best customers.