Simple Pricing with No Hidden Fees

Simple per-share pricing suited for your trading style.

All-Inclusive, Standard Rate-------------------------------

$ 0.008

Per Share
  • Not subject to any additional fees
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Self-Directed, Professional Rate-------------------------------

$ 0.005

Per Share
  • All fees from ECNs and Darkpools are directly passed through
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High-Volume, Institutional Rate-------------------------------

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  • Transparent Bank Wire Transfer Fee
  • Whether you are depositing or withdrawing funds from your account, a fixed $50 transaction fee will be applied to all incoming and outgoing wires. Nothing else.
  • Other Trade Fee
  • SEC fee is $0.0000256 of the total dollar amount of securities sold. It is assessed for all SELL orders and is added to any total commissions charged.
  • FINRA TAF Fee is $0.000119 per share of securities sold ($0.002 per option contract) with a maximum of $5.95 per trade. This fee is assessed on all SELL orders and is added to any total commission charged.