The Street Trader welcomes any type of partnerships no matter if you are an individual or a trading group. Please contact us and we will tailor the partnership arrangement to your best interest.

If you are a non-US investment firm, trading group or hedge fund that wishing to gain access to the U.S market, we can offer you institutional rates and backend support that is tailored to your trading needs and volume you generate.

If you are an individual outside of the United States, through Street Trader, we will offer the best pricing to help you to grow your business. Whether you are a trading website owner or investing coach, you can earn from your referrals when they establish and fund the new accounts with us.

If you are a registered broker dealer overseas (not in the U.S) and want to expand your business to the U.S market, The Street Trader can help you and your clients access to the U.S market at competitive prices.