Competitive Pricing

We offer simple per-share pricing plans with a competitive price in the industry. Additionally, for any client who has been active with The Street Trader for 6 months, the client will enjoy the benefit full payout on his most successful month of the recent six. This is not a onetime offer, it is ongoing as long as the business relationship remains active.

Extent Route Options

We understand the importance of trading tools to active traders so we have built strong network clearing partnerships and extensive list of routing options for our clients. The Street Trader dedicates to select clearing firms with great easy to borrow list and the best locate providers and we work endlessly to add, improve, and take suggestions from our clients to implement new ones.

Low Latency Execution

In an industry that even a fraction of a second can mean the difference between a profit and a loss, The Street Trader provides the choice of software that gives you every advantage in day trading. With the low-latency trading system and state-of-the-art intuitive software we have built, your self-directed orders will receive the best possible trade execution.


We are here to help our clients to maximize opportunities in the market; therefore we provide them up to 6 times intra-day leverage on their equity so that they can execute their plan without restriction. The Street Trader is not subjected to Pattern Day Trading Rules so our clients do not have limitation on the amount of trades they can execute based on their account balance.

Quick Professional Support

We strive on providing the best customer services. Call us anytime from 8am to 5pm EST or open a dialogue through web chat and emails 24×7. Our support team members have the professional knowledge and required passion to help. The Street Trader values each and every customer, we take time to make sure all of your trading needs are being satisfied.